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Quantum Photonics Workshop

May 25 - May 29

The NSERC CREATE Quantum BC program and CMC Microsystems bring you a workshop on the design, fabrication, and testing of quantum silicon photonic circuits used in quantum computer hardware. We invite you to join the workshop taking place in person at The University of British Columbia from May 25 to 29, 2024.

The workshop will teach participants how to design, simulate, fabricate, and test their own quantum silicon photonic circuits. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of quantum optics and how photonics can be used for quantum computing, and the types of problems that can be solved on photonic-based processors, particularly with Xanadu’s cloud-accessed quantum processor. During the workshop, students will practice creating a design and layout of a quantum silicon photonic circuit. Students will brainstorm and pitch their circuit ideas to researchers at leading universities and industry. After the workshop, students will have several months to complete their design and submit their circuits for fabrication by a foundry (Applied Nanotools) facilitated by CMC. Participants will test their chips using equipment at their own university or by their own arrangements, such as via a collaboration with the workshop instructors and/or visits to their facilities.

The focus of the workshop is on devices and circuits that can be fabricated in the chosen silicon photonics processes.  The processes are based on silicon wafers with a choice of either Si or SiN waveguides surrounded by silicon oxide cladding (SiNOI or SOI), metal heaters for phase shifters, and a deep trench etch for edge coupling or photonic wire bond packaging to optical fibres.