Quantum BC

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World-class university research integrated into a thriving quantum innovation ecosystem in Canada

Quantum BC is a joint initiative led by British Columbia’s top three research universities that aims to stimulate and enrich collaborative efforts across research, training and innovation in quantum computing.

We offer a unique training experience for graduate students in quantum computing hardware and software, to contribute to an exciting and fast-growing industry via internships with our local, national, and international industry partners.

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  • Invention of the one-way quantum computer

  • Record coherence times in hole spins in silicon - 10,000x better than previous efforts

  • World record for longest-lived qubit at room temperature (39 minutes) leading to a Top Ten Physics World Breakthrough of the Year Award (2013)

  • World's first commercial supplier of quantum computers -
    D-Wave Systems

  • First dedicated quantum computing software company - 1QBit

  • Clustering of global quantum computing companies - Fujitsu, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft

Home to global leadership in quantum computing research and talent creation

High impact partnerships with industry pioneers