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QBC Seminar Series – Paul Haljan

June 13, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Quantum BC Seminar Series is a monthly talk given by faculty in BC on various topics related to quantum computing. The talks happen on the second Tuesday of each month at 2pm.




Please join us for our fourth seminar on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 2pm with Paul Haljan from SFU who will present on Realizing a Structural Phase Transition of Trapped Ions in the Quantum Regime.


Join on Zoom: https://ubc.zoom.us/j/69443327772?pwd=TGhhTXFIQ3ZiUmNrN0pUa3FObTNydz09

Meeting ID: 694 4332 7772

Passcode: 996727


Seminar Title: Realizing a Structural Phase Transition of Trapped Ions in the Quantum Regime by Paul C Haljan, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University
Abstract: Arrays of trapped ions are a versatile technological platform with exquisite control over experimental parameters at the single-atom level. This allows both manipulation of the internal quantum state of the ions and control of their quantum collective vibrational motion – phonons – in the trap. A focus of my research group is advancing the technology of phononic coherent control in trapped ions. As part of this, we are aiming to demonstrate precise manipulation of a single vibrational mode of trapped ions in order to control a quantum structural phase transition in a string of trapped ions – the 1D linear to 2D zigzag transition. This system would provide an intrinsic source of novel entangled states of ion crystal structures, which can be manipulated through trapped ion double-well interferometry. In this talk I will describe how we experimentally control and characterize the linear-zigzag structural transition for arrays of ions confined in a linear Paul trap and cooled to near their ground state of motion. I will show how Raman sideband spectroscopy can be used as a probe to reveal both the energy level structure and the motional population distribution of the ion crystal near the critical point of the transition. I will look at what our results reveal about the nature of the transition in practice, and finally I will consider prospects for coherence assessment near the critical point as well as potential applications in in-situ sensing of electric field noise.
Bio: Dr. Paul C. Haljan is an Associate Professor of Physics at Simon Fraser University with expertise in trapped-ion quantum technologies. Before joining SFU in 2005, Paul performed his doctoral work on quantum vertices at Boulder and JILA and held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he worked on quantum gate implementations in trapped-ion hardware and early algorithm demonstrations. At SFU, the Haljan research group is focused on experiments with trapped ions, quantum simulations and quantum state manipulation, and technology development for trapped-ion quantum computing.


June 13, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm