March 2021

University of Victoria’s HighTechQ initiative offers high school students workshops on quantum computing

HighTechQ is part of HighTechU, an innovative learning community & skills incubator for high-school-aged youth to make connections, build professional skills, and explore diverse education and career pathways related to technology. HighTechQ conduct workshops for high-school students to learn quantum computing in a fun and engaging way.

January 2021

Quantum Bits podcast available now

Quantum Bits podcast provides bi-weekly episodes on various topics of quantum computing for public enthusiasts. In each episode, our guests from the quantum computing industry and academia keep us educated and updated by sharing their perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

November 2020


University of Victoria’s Hausi Müller has worked tirelessly to create and orchestrate the most extensive, high-profile international conference believed ever to have been held on quantum computing. The first IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering took place in October with 850 industry leaders, researchers, educators and enthusiasts from around the globe. The conference helped bring together top leaders from both industry and academia.

October 2020

quantum industry canada launched

A consortium of 24 Canadian quantum technology companies, including BC-based 1QBit and D-Wave, collaborate and coordinate to communicate Canada’s quantum readiness to ensure Canada remains a global leader in this new emerging field.

October 2020

Sfu Physics professor recognized as top 40 under 40 in canada

Stephanie Simmons’ quest to build the world’s first large-scale universal quantum computer is gaining attention. Simmons already has two Physics World ‘Top Ten Breakthroughs of the Year’ and numerous patents under her belt. Now she is included in Caldwell Partners’ Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding Canadian leaders and innovators who have made significant impacts in their fields before the age of 40. “The rules of quantum mechanics are so different and so exciting,” says Simmons. “The exponential computational capacity of quantum computers opens up a whole new world.”

October 2020


A Best Paper Award in the Quantum Education Track was awarded to the Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing team at the University of British Columbia. The award was presented to Parham Pashaei, Haris Amiri, Raphael Haenel, Pedro Lopez and Lukas Chrostowski. The paper, titled Educational Resources for Promoting Talent in Quantum Computing was presented at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE20) held October 12-16, 2020. The paper compiles a number of publicly available resources, tested in real classes, for integrating Quantum Computing to the education of the K-12 age groups.


August 2020

quantum computing and machine learning for science and technology summer school – postponed to summer 2021

The  TRIUMF Summer Institute (TSI 2020) on Quantum Computing and Machine Learning for Science and Technology was to be held at TRIUMF in Vancouver, BC, Canada from August 3rd to August 14th 2020. The school is organized by TRIUMF, Germany’s Helmholtz Association, Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria.The school is aimed at equipping graduate students in quantitative disciplines with applicable skills in machine learning and introducing them to the possibilities in quantum computing and quantum machine learning. The school is postponed to Summer 2021 due to the Covid-19.

August 2020


Last week, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (SBQMI) joined partners at TRIUMF, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (Germany) in celebrating the successful conclusion the Cornerstone Models for Quantum Computing series. The series, which comprised eight lectures and tutorials over four weeks, attracted international participation and engaged audiences from across North America, Europe and Asia.

June 2020

Thank you to all the participants, judges and sponsors at our first virtual poster session and student competition on Quantum Computing

On 25 June 2020, speakers from industry and academia across the world presented on various quantum computing topics. Thank you to everyone who participated and, congratulations to the three student poster winners – Xiruo Yan (1st), Bryan Dury (2nd) and Adan Azem (3rd).

Finally, thank you to the judges, Gordon Harling (CMC Microsystems), Shunji Matsuura (1QBit) and Olivia Di Matteo (TRIUMF), and to the prize sponsors CMC Microsystems and the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute (SBQMI).

June 2020

Quantum BC, TRIUMF and Helmholtz Institut jointly present an online lecture and tutorial series during July to August 2020

The ‘Cornerstone Models of Quantum Computing’ series covers introductory lectures and hands-on tutorials in four key models of Quantum Computing including gate-model quantum computing, quantum annealing, measurement-based quantum computing and continuous-variable quantum computing.

May 2020


Developed by a UBC-BCIT collaboration (Kirk Madison, Roman Krems and Jim Booth), the self-defining particle pressure sensor provides the first primary and quantum definition of the Pascal. This represents a fundamental advance for vacuum and pressure metrology.

March 2020

New NSERC CREATE Quantum Computing Training Program to be Offered by UBC, UVic, and SFU with Leading Industry Experts Rigetti Computing, IBM, D-Wave, 1QBit and More

Students will be trained in building and programming quantum computers to create quantum algorithms, systems and applications supported by industry professionals from Rigetti Computing, Microsoft, IBM, 1QBit, Xanadu, D-Wave, Google and the German Aerospace Center.

March 2020

UBC and the University of Washington Establish Collaborative Research Partnership on Quantum Computing

Faculty at UBC and the University of Washington combine efforts to deliver workshops on quantum computing and foster greater research collaboration through the UW-UBC Collaborative Research Mobility grant.

March 2020

University of Victoria Looking to Appoint a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Computing and Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering invites applications for an Assistant/Associate Professor. Areas of interest include, quantum algorithms, quantum complexity, quantum information theory, quantum programming languages, quantum software engineering, applications of quantum computing to optimization and machine learning, and hybrid quantum/classical computing.

March 2020

New Course on Quantum Computation with Photons Offered by Robert Raussendorf and Jeff Young at UBC

The new course was introduced in Spring 2020.

January 2020

Success at Digital Supercluster Capacity Building Program With Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing Project

Led by UBC (Lukas Chrostowski), D-Wave and UBC Geering Up Engineering Outreach, this project will work to ensure that young people, including girls and indigenous people. are aware of career opportunities in the quantum computing field.

December 2019

SFU Looking to Appoint a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Computing

The School of Computing Science invites applications for an Assistant/Associate professor post. Areas of interest include quantum algorithms, quantum-safe cryptography, systems software for quantum computers, quantum AI, and theoretical foundations of quantum computing.

December 2019

Joe Salfi offers new graduate course on Introduction to Quantum Computing at UBC

In January 2020, this introductory course will teach students in physics, electrical engineering and computer science about the fundamental aspects of quantum computers.

December 2019

Funding Renewed for the Quantum Computing Research Cluster for 2020/2021

UBC’s Quantum Computing Research Cluster receives further funding through the UBC Research Excellence Clusters initiative in 2020/2021.

December 2019

UBC Hosts Germany-Canada Workshop on Quantum Computing Applications in Advanced Manufacturing

German Aerospace Center (DLR) attends UBC workshop on quantum computing applications in advanced manufacturing.

November 2019

World-Renowned Quantum Computing Experts (Penrose, Rosenbaum, Raussendorf) Speaks at UBC Conference, Quantum Information: Quo Vadis?

Led by UBC’s Philip Stamp, this conference brings experimental, theoretical and industrial communities across the Pacific North American coast to reflect on current and future progress in this field attracting prestigious quantum experts including Roger Penrose, Robert Raussendorf and Thomas Rosenbaum.

October 2019

BC Provincial Government Invests $17M to Establish New Quantum Algorithms Institute

The new institute, hosted at SFU Surrey campus, will partner with universities across the region (UBC, SFU, UVic) to help position BC as a world leader in building quantum computing software and algorithms.

September 2019

UBC Professor Lukas Chrostowski Newly Elected to Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Lukas Chrostowski, an electrical and computer engineering professor, has been named as a new member of the Royal Society of Canada for “his leadership in research and education in the design of silicon photonic devices and systems for applications in optical communications and biosensors”.

August 2019

Joe Salfi Awarded $125K in Research Funding Through the John R Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)

UBC Assistant Professor, Joe Salfi, is the recipient of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation JELF grant for his project: ‘Ultra-low Temperature Facility for Quantum Simulators and Quantum Computers in Silicon’.

July 2019

SFU’s Stephanie Simmons Appointed New CIFAR Fellow in Quantum Information Science

CIFAR fellows are exceptional researchers who are internationally respected for advances in their field.

May 2019

Strong attendance at TRIUMF’s Introduction to Quantum Computing & Quantum Annealing Workshop

TRIUMF’s Quantum Information Science Associate, Olivia di Matteo, delivers introductory lecture series on gate model quantum computing, quantum annealing and applications.

March 2019

UBC Professors Collaborate with University of Waterloo and University of Sherbrooke on Two Joint CFREF Quantum Research Projects

The two research projects are:

  1. Industrially relevant spin-3/2 hybrid quantum devices (Joe Salfi (UBC), Eva Dupont-Ferrier (IQ), Michel Pioro-Ladrière (IQ))
  2. Quantum computational resources in the presence of symmetry (David Poulin (IQ), Robert Raussendorf (UBC), Joseph Emerson (TQT)).

February 2019

Gate-Based Quantum Computer Applications Workshop Draws Strong Attendance With Leading Industry Instructors From 1QBit and Rigetti Computing at UBC

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn how to use NISQ computers such as the Rigetti machine and to advance knowledge in software and algorithms for use in both NISQ and universal quantum computers.

January 2019

UBC Welcomes Experimental Quantum Physicist, Joe Salfi, as an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joe Salfi joins UBC from the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) in Sydney, Australia. His research focuses on the investigation, realization and assembly of the building blocks for quantum information systems.

December 2018

Prashant Nair Joins UBC as an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Specializing in Computer Systems and Quantum Computing

Prashant Nair joins from IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York. His research interests include the reliability, security, and performance-power efficient memory systems and optimization of systems and architectures to enable efficient and practical quantum computers.

December 2018

First Industry Consortium (SiEPICfab: the Canadian Silicon Photonics Foundry) established between UBC, Laval University, McGill University and Industry Partners

Instigated by Lukas Chrostowski, the consortium is an extension of the NSERC CREATE SiEPIC research training program. SiEPICfab’s goal is to fabricate and demonstrate novel photonic devices and functions for emerging applications including quantum computing.

November 2018

Success at SBQMI’s Grand Challenges Call With “Pushing the Boundaries of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing by Focusing on Quantum Materials Problems'” Project

Led by Robert Raussendorf and colleagues from SBQMI, UBC and the University of Tel Aviv, the project aims to address the question: what can be done with the small-scale quantum computers available now or in the near future?

October 2017

SFU-UBC Awarded $19M from the CFI Innovation Fund for “The Silicon Quantum Leap: Tools for Building a Universal Quantum Computer” Project

This project led by SFU Progessor Mike Thewalt and a team including Stephanie Simmons and UBC collaborators Jeff Young and Lukas Chrostowski aims to build a scalable universal quantum computer based on silicon qubits.

September 2017

Sarah Burke Receives $800K Through the John R Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)

UBC Assistant Professor, Sarah Burke, is the recipient of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation JELF grant for her project “Tool for Multimodal Measurements of Quantum Materials: Scanning Probe Microscopy and Angle Resolved Photoemission”.

September 2016

UBC Professor, Roman Krems, Elected New Member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars and Scientists

Roman Krems has been named as a new member of the Royal Society of Canada through his research on developing numerical tools for calculating the collision properties of molecules in electromagnetic fields.

February 2016

Renewed Canada Research Chair Tier 2 in Nanoscience for Sarah Burke at UBC

Sarah Burke retains Canada Research Chair for another 5 years for research excellence in nanoscience.

October 2015

SFU Welcomes Stephanie Simmons as an Assistant Professor and Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Nanoelectronics

Stephanie joins SFU from the Center for Quantum Computation and Communication Technologies (CQC2T) in Sydney, Australia. Her research focuses on buildings silicon-based quantum technologies and she previously collaborated with SFU’s Mike Thewalt on the longest coherence time for a qubit at room temperature.

November 2013

SFU Break World Record for the Longest-Lived Qubit at Room Temperature at 39 Minutes

Mike Thewalt and SFU colleagues shatter previous record of seconds with the breakthrough named as one of the top 10 in 2013 by Physics World.

October 2013

UBC welcomes Assistant Professor Sudip Shekhar to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sudip previously worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Intel Corporation. His research interests include integrated circuits and systems for high-speed wireline signalling links, silicon photonics links, radio-frequency transceivers and low power sensing and computer interfaces.

June 2012

UBC Professor Lukas Chrostowski Secures NSERC CREATE funding for Silicon Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits (Si-EPIC) Training Program

The Si-EPIC program, led by Program Director Lukas Chrostowski and researchers from 5 Canadian Universities, will train students nationwide in the information and communication technology systems that involves miniaturization of optical components onto silicon chips.

December 2010

UBC’s Sarah Burke Appointed Canada Research Chair Tier 2 in Nanoscience

Sarah Burke recognized for research excellence in nanoscience.

February 2010

UBC’s Joshua Folk Awarded 2010 Sloan Research Fellowship in Physics

The two-year fellowships are awarded in recognition of outstanding early-career faculty.