A new multidisciplinary graduate program (UBC, UVic, SFU) delivering specialized training across quantum computing hardware to software with collaboration from 12 leading quantum computing companies.


Undergraduate Quantum Club

With creativity and inclusiveness as core values, we provide members with high-quality introduction, training, and exposure to the quantum computing industry and research.



Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing


A Digital Technology Supercluster Capacity Building project raising awareness among young people, including girls and indigenous students, of career opportunities presented by quantum computing.



Our goal is to inspire Black and visible minorities to pursue a career in quantum computing, to build a support-community that enhances learning and accelerates career development for Black and visible minority professionals and to equip and position Black and visible minority professionals for leadership in the quantum ecosystem.



Quantum computing related courses offered for students at University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of Victoria (UVic) and TRIUMF.

ELEC 581 Active Silicon Photonics Design

ELEC 506 CMOS Design for Silicon Photonics Applications

CPSC 406 Computational Optimization

PHYS 502 Condensed Matter Physics I

EECE 571S Introduction to Quantum Computing

PHYS 304 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 

CHEM 312 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

ELEC 584 Nanophotonics Fabrication

ELEC 461 Nanotechnology in Electronics

EECE 576 Semiconductor Theory for Device applications

PHYS 523B Quantum Electronics and Nonlinear Optics

PHYS 523C Quantum Error Correction and Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation

PHYS 523 Quantum Computation with photons 

PHYS 315 Quantum Physics of Materials

CMPT 407/710 Computational Complexity

CMPT 409 Special Topics in Theoretical Computing Science

PHYS 285 Quantum I (formerly Introduction to Relativity & QM)

PHYS 385 Quantum II (formerly Quantum Mechanics I)

PHYS 395 Computational Physics

PHYS 415 Quantum III (formerly Quantum Mechanics III)

PHYS 416/816 Introduction to Quantum Information Science

PHYS 445 Statistical Physics

PHYS 485 Particle Physics 

ECE 525 Advanced Photonics

ECE 545 Nanotechnology

PHYS 280 Introduction to Quantum Computing

PHYS 323 Quantum Mechanics I

PHYS 328/507A Solid State Physics I

PHYS 423 Quantum Mechanics II

PHYS 438 Solid State Physics II

PHYS 500A Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 501A Quantum Theory and Quantum Fields

PHYS 501B Advanced Quantum Field Theory

PHYS 550 Topics in Condensed Matter Physics


TRIUMF Seminar and Lecture Series (READ MORE and SUBSCRIBE)

TRIUMF Summer Institute: Quantum Computing and Machine Learning for Science and Technology Summer School (READ MORE


Quantum Bits podcast provides Limited-Series episodes on various topics of quantum computing for public enthusiasts. In each episode, our guests from the quantum computing industry and academia, keep us educated and updated by sharing their perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

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To discover how to pursue studies in quantum computing please consult the Physics, Computer Science, Electrical and Computing Engineering, Chemistry, and Math departmental webpages.