Quantum Kit

A collection of educational resources for bringing quantum into the classroom!

"Quantum Navigator" Video Game

Explore the exciting world of quantum information through the eyes of Joey, our wonderful and cheery hero. Game in Beta-Test mode, compatible on Windows and Mac OSX.

Quantum Hub

Ever wanted to play games or run apps on a quantum computer? Well, with our Quantum Hub, you can! Visit our gallery of web applications that solve problems on a real quantum computer!

Curriculum from our Quantum Computing Summer Camp!

Five 2-hour modules of hands-on quantum themed curriculum, videos, lesson plans on quantum computing fundamentals and basics. Do you enjoy using Scratch and coding, and learning about cutting edge technologies? Then you'll love this!

Quantum Navigator Activity Booklet

Great for young age groups! Explore the exciting world of quantum computing through this interactive comic booklet with activities. Guide our hero Roo through a quantum world to find and rescue their best friend, Charlie in time for their soccer game!

Quantum Computing Workshops for the Classroom

A collection of standalone, one hour workshops you can run in the classroom today! No background knowledge of Quantum Computing is required.

Quantum Handbook: A Teacher's Guide [Coming Soon!]

We understand that quantum can be a challenging field to bring into the classroom. There's a ton of information, including our curriculum, on the internet and navigating through it is tough. That's why we created this handbook, to guide educators through bringing quantum computing into their classroom in an accessible way!