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Intro. to Quantum Computing MasterClass – Level I  (January 2021, 5 weeks)

Interactive Games and Activities

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that leverages physics, engineering and computer science, to shape the future. Our online quantum computing masterclass guides High School students through the exciting world of quantum computing.

Join us and learn more about an emerging technology, practice coding, and get the opportunity to use a real quantum computer! 


The Masterclass is designed and instructed by talented graduate students at the University of British Columbia.

Join this Masterclass if you… want to develop your programming skills, run code on a real quantum computer, and learn the fundamentals of quantum computing.

Frequently asked questions

The course is split up into two parts: Level I and Level II. Level I starts on January 24th, and runs for five weeks! Level II will begin shortly after and run until April. More details on Level II to come soon.

Level I begins on January 24th, and runs for five weeks. There are once-a-week sessions every Sunday, that last 2.5 hours (with at least 30 minutes of break time included), and runs from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Time. There are also “Office Hours”, Guest Lectures and Symposiums once a week on a weeknight. These last an hour long, and are an opportunity for participants to learn more about quantum computing applications from someone in the industry, and get more individual support from instructors!

Nope! The Intro. to Quantum Computing Masterclass is completely free! We’d like to make the course as accessible as possible to everyone, and as this is the pilot run of the course, it is currently free. Please note that this may change in future runs of the course.

Nope! We accept applicants from anywhere in the world. That being said, we understand that your particular time-zone may mean that you will be unable to attend the live Sunday sessions. Weekly sessions will be recorded, and students will be able to re-watch the sessions to catch up. Instructors will also be available via email to answer questions or provide support, although this is limited.

All live sessions will be recorded and available to registered participants to re-watch. We strongly urge participants to attend live lectures if possible, as you will meet and work with other participants in the program, and it is a great place to ask questions to instructors.

Level I of the Masterclass introduces high-level concepts within quantum computing through basic coding activities, games, and demonstrations. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in the technology, but doesn’t know anything about quantum computing prior to the course. Level II dives deeper into quantum computing and introduces more complex topics. In both levels, participants will get to run code on a real quantum computer and complete thesis ‘projects’. While participants can enroll in each level individually, we highly encourage participants to enroll in Level I if they are planning on enrolling in Level II.