Superconducting Quantum Device Workshop

Quantum computing has the potential to solve problems beyond the capabilities of conventional supercomputers. It could revolutionize the advancement of several fields, including biochemistry, finance, logistics, and artificial intelligence. However, building quantum hardware is a great challenge, involving both concepts and technology that have little in common with those in conventional silicon chips. It involves […]

Roadmapping Workshop 2022

A CREATE Program event for the quantum computing community in BC to connect, network, and discuss the outlook for quantum technologies. Following on from the virtual Roadmapping Workshop held in September 2021, this event brings together academic faculty and staff, industry experts, and students for a dynamic, multi-level discussion and exchange of information. This event will be […]

Unboxing Quantum: Spooky Action

In this Halloween-inspired presentation, Ella Meyer, BSc, talks about Quantum Spooky Action in a fun and engaging way.

Quantum BC Fall 2022 Open House

Learn more about getting involved with quantum computing at the undergraduate and graduate level, and find out about our exciting outreach programs and courses! Email [email protected] for the event link. Watch the recording on the Quantum BC Youtube channel: View the open house slides here:   QBC Open House Dec 1